Hotels and Melatis in Batam

4-Star Hotels

Melia Panorama Hotel S$65-75

Hotel Harmoni $65
Tel: 459308
Fax: 459306

Mandarin Regency Hotel S$65
Tel: 426888
Fax: 458057

Novotel Batam S$70

Street-wise Tip
"FOUR-STAR HOTELS...The published rate, stated on a Melia brochure, was S$140. I said to the hotel clerk, a friend said the Melia hotel rate was S$60. The hotel clerks replied, I could have the rate of S$75...

Hotel Harmoni (4 star). A hotel clerk said, the rate was S$90. I said, a friend said the hotel would give the rate of S$60. The hotel clerk replied, the rate was S$90.

Mandarin Regency (4 star). A hotel clerk said, the rate was S$80. I said, the travel agency booked my room for S$60. The hotel clerk replied, the rate through a travel agency was better and to go there to get the lower rate...

HOTEL RATES BY TRAVEL AGENCIES: Penguin Travel & Tours Pte Ltd, World Trade Centre, Singapore 099253, telephone 278-1978, fax 275-9861, gave the following rates: Novotel Batam, S$70; Mandarin Regency, S$60; Hotel Harmoni, S$70; and Royal Eastern, S$50. These rates were only available, when a travel package of hotel, ferry rides round-trip, and Batam ferry-hotel and hotel-ferry transits was purchased. It accepted credit cards.

Two travel agencies on Batam provided the following information. Pt. Nusa Jaya Indofast, Komp. 91 Square, Blok C No. 11, Pulau Batam, (0778) 451614, fax (0778) 451513, Singapore line 97180811. It could provide a hotel room at the following rates: Melia Panorama, $S80; Novotel Batam, S$75; Mandarin Regency, S$70. This was the travel agency that provided the transit from the Sekupang ferry terminal to my hotel, in conjunction with the Penguin Travel & Tours company, World Trade Center, Singapore. It would not accept credit cards and rupiah, but would accept Singapore dollars and maybe US dollars. Its representative said, the return transit from the hotel to the ferry terminal was valid for the last day of the package and not valid if the purchaser stayed on Batam past the package date and was scheduled for 12 noon pickup. I extended my stay at the Mandarin Regency, through this travel agency by negotating for S$60 daily rate and paying in US dollars and Singapore dollars.

Pt. Bintan Panorama, Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 1 (at the Hotel Mandarin Regency), Batam, telephone (0778) 458014, fax (0778) 422754, e-mail It could provide a hotel room at the following rates: Harmoni Hotel, S$65; Mandarin Regency, S$60; Melia Panorama, S$75; Nagoya Plaza, S$55; Novotel, S$65; and other hotels. It would not accept rupiah, but would accept Singapore dollars. It would accept credit cards with an extra three percent fee..."
Source: GG post #7, Posted on Mar 24, 2001, 1:55 PM

Other Hotels

Hotel Pelangi 170K rupiah/nite
Poster comment: "just beside Bovo KTV."

Hotel Sahid Rasinta
Fax: 452231
Poster comment: "Rashinta's walk-in rates are Sing$35/std (no bathtub) and $50 for deluxe. Maybe add $5 on weekends. Rashinta, just behind Formosa. 5min walk from all the action downtown. Good facilities, big swimming pool. Breakfast not that good though."

Hotel Formosa
Poster comment: "...which is supposed to cost $40 now charges $60 weekdays."

Hotel 2000 (new)
Poster comment: "Rate $25-30. Infront of Planet disco."
Poster comment: "Dont wander around Hotel 2000 at night. Use taxis. Bad neighbourhood."

Hotel 81 S$30 on weekends and $25 on weekdays.
Poster comment: "Rooms are clean,tv aircon and hot water S$25 upwards depending on what you require (larger room -family room etc)behind Mandarin hotel."

Hotel Sentosa Poster comment: "Near Sensasi about $30, weekend $40."

Ramayana $35-40.
Poster comment: "Security maybe lacking."

Hotel Singa $45
Poster comment: "Outside of town."

Hotel Pelita
Poster comment: "New, about $60 per night."

Seruni Hotel $31 Std.
Poster comment: "Sphinx is located at the Seruni Hotel."
Poster comment: "It has two wings, and the east wing on top of the disco is cheaper, weekend rate of $SGD31, the west wing is $SGD39."

Hotel Bumi Nusantara S$35 std room
Poster comment: "Ozone located beside hotel."

Hotel Nagoya Plaza
Rp. 250K Sunday to Thursday. Rp. 280K Friday to Saturday (prices inclusive of taxes).

Hotel Singa S$35
Poster comment: "Formerly Hotel Anggerek. small road leading back up to a small hill - opposite Hotel Merlin."
Poster comment: "Hotel Seruni only S$3.00 more, dont have to worry about taxi,stay at singa last week, want to go out so difficult,call for taxi they want 20,000 rupiah."

Street-wise Tip
LOCAL FARES: Up to 2,000 rupiah on the back of a motorcycle. Minimum of 5,000 rupiah by taxi during the day. 10,000 rupiah by a hotel taxi at night. So-called minimum "standard" price of 20,000 rupiah by taxi from a discotheque to a hotel. 32,000 rupiah per hour by a hotel taxi; this was a standard rate, nicely printed on paper, which several drivers showed me. 15,000 rupiah by taxi from Nagoya hotel to Batu Ampar ferry terminal. 20,000 rupiah by a hotel taxi from Hotel Mandarin Regency to Batu Ampar ferry terminal.

***Updated information 18 April 2003 ***

Hotels with pool, etc. by Helpdesk

Hotels with pools in Nagoya are:

about $40-50
Hotel Singga
Hotel Sentosa

about $50-60
Island View (next to Planet Disco)
Sahid Rashinta
Royal Eastern

Sin$60 - 80
Novotel. Posted April 2003

HOTEL by Quint7 and the Gang (extract from full text in Girls)
here're some reasonable ferry/hotel package provide by Penguin:

novotel/harmoni - $98
melia/mandarin - $95
royal/oasis - $85 extension nite : $50-$65 ask for a few dollars discount if you don't intend to use their bus for pier to hotel transportation. these are usually available even at last min on a busy Sat, becus most people will not opt for 4-5 stars hotel. I've tried melia, cool ! but 1 plate of nasi goreng cost Rp35K !!!

Here're some 3 stars hotel info provided on courtesy of Bionic :

Singa : 0778 - 451919 ( $35 - $40 ) 2000 : 0778 - 428483 ( $36 - $48 )

Rashinta : 0778-455888 ( $40 - $50 ) hotel rates are usually cheaper in weekday. I choose Singa for this trip to cut some cost since we're letting the driver get some commission off our gals, but it surprise me as a pretty decent hotel. swimming pool, bathtub, fridge, big room with a blockbuster movie channel round the clock and a Jap AV channel. I rate it slightly better than our usual Hotel Pelangi at TP. It's better to book a hotel in advance for weekend if you don't want to pay for a 4-5 stars hotel, otherwise in weekday u can always walk in, lotsa hotels & rooms, no problem at all.

Prices in Singapore dollars