Food & Pub Prices in Batam

Anker draft costs Rp6,000-7,000 a glass. run cokes and Gin tonics were a bit more pricy - Rp18,000 per glass.
Queens: Cold beers costs Rp10,000 per can Sphinx beer (15,000 rupiah), a Red Bull energy drink (20,000 rupiah), and/or a package of cigarettes (10,000 rupiah ).

Bovo KTV and Nite Club: a coke will cost you a hefty 22,000 rupiah.

Ozone:One big jar of Tiger beer will cost you 88,000 rupiah


Street-wise Tip

Poster Comment: "Me and three of my mates were once on a Pub prowl when one of my friends started talking to one of this freelancers sitting in the Romy's. Then, we went to the Jungle Bar and this girl by coincidence walks into the Jungle Bar with two of her friends. However, she sat far away from us. She told the bartender that she was allowed to drink on my friend's tab. As the tab in the Jungle was on my name, the bartender opened a new bill on my friends name. We knew nothing about this.

She left with her gang an hour later. When we were leaving the Jungle about two hours later, I asked for our bill and we recieved two bills. I however refused to pay the other bill which amounted to Rp 160,000. She obviously had bought drinks for her friends as well. The bartender agreed that she should checked with us first. I felt bad as the bartender would have to replace the money but she told me the next day that she had traced the girl and made her pay up.

After what happened to you, I think it would be a good idea to inform the bartenders that if you are buying a drink for anyone, you would be informing them personally or tell them to check with you first before serving anyone a drink on your tab." - Bobby

*** Updated information 18 April 2003 ***

Where to eat In Batam by Stomach

Nagoya eating places Old Kedai Kopi Dju Dju. Located 1/2 way along the 3rd last street before Dynasty 99. It has the small Dju Dju hotel attached. The Dju Dju has 4 food stalls. All are very good : Bak Kut Teh, Yong Tau Fu, Nasi and a great Sate Mee. Their Laksa is poor. (No Indonesian place does laksa as good as Singapore). Open fr morning until early afternoon.

Restaurant Batam Baru (I forget it's correct name) Further along the street from the old Dju Dju on the same side. Excellent Chinese buffet style vegetarian food at dirt cheap prices.

New Kopi Dju Dju. On the cross street before Ramayana. Double fronted coffee shop. All good food, especially their sate bee hoon. They specialise in fish curry - okay but not as good as Racecourse Rd in Singapore. The fish fav soup place next door is very popular. (I think the Kopi Indah's sop seafood is jsut as good).

Sri Rayahu Near the Bank Lippo intersection, just behind the police post. Only one thing to eat here: steamed flower crab (kepiting rajungan) with steamed rice and a vege side dish.

A1 and OKE / OKI I have generally enjoyed the Chinese seafood in these places? But maybe we are usually half full of beer and too busy flirting with the BPGs (beer promotion girls) to notice the food? Hai San Seafood in the Kopi Indah the 5th floor terrace at the Hotel Melia Panorama

Golden Prawn 555 best seafood in town But Expensive

Much better quality/value seafood at: - Fajar 888, near Pizza Hut. - Rezeki Batu Besar - Batam View Kelong

Lucy's Oarhouse Most of their stuff comes out pretty good, as the menu is not very ambitious. Try their fish and chips. All the sandwiches are good. The fried chicken pieces are very tasty. The chili con carne and Thai green curry are good but not spicy enough (need to ask for Tabasco or sambal). Okay place if you are in the mood to eat western style pub grub. Their (small) kitchen is slow when the place is crowded.

Wallabies Pub (opposite Hotel Puri Garden) When the food is good, it is great. But be prepared for the odd dud dinner (cooks need more training?) Food consistency has improved since the kitchen was moved downstairs next to the dining area. Western food, more ambitious menu than Lucy's.

Melia Panorma - Ten Kyu Japanese restaurant (17th floor) . Very good, if you are ready to splurge S$50/head. - Exellent coffee shop buffet breakfast.

Novotel Batam Terrace on Saturday nights Excellent buffet, priced at around S$20/head. If you pay in Rupiah, you will get ripped off on the exchange rate. Arrive before 8pm to get the best selection. - Excellent coffee shop buffet breakfast. I hear their buffet dinners are quite good.

Batam Holiday Inn The food was very good, when it first opened a few months ago.


Hotel Harmoni Chinese/Thai restaurant (on the 2nd floor.) Every dish comes out with something a little wrong. Cooks need more training.

Coffee shops in Hotels Sahid Rashinta/ Sari Jaya/ Ramayana. Uniformley bad.

Oasis, Mandarin and Hotel Puri Garden coffee shops. Better food than the above 3 hotels, but poor value for money (over priced for what you get).

Tunas Seafood Restaurant (next to Toko Olympic) kitchen staff need more training.

Novotel Tampico mexican food Expensive, small portions, not tasty.

The Steak House (beside Hotel Harmoni) Quality ranges from good to poor. Kitchen hygiene looks dodgy.

Posted on Apr 5, 2003, 9:02 PM

Also try the Hai San Seafood in the Kopi Indah and .. by Bob
Good summary of eating joints in Batam
Except that you didnt write - you took off a website. FYI, the Rasa Singapura and the place in the DAna Graha have been closed for two years. Try the Hai San Seafood in the Kopi Indah the 5th floor terrace at the Hotel Melia panorama. Posted on Apr 2, 2003, 8:26 AM


Avoid Golden Prawn 555 - much better at Fajar 888, Hai San Kopi Indah, Rezeki Batu Besar by Old hand
Avoid Golden Prawn 555 - overpriced and your bill will be loaded 30% to kick back your driver.

Much better quality/value seafood at:
- Fajar 888, near Pizza Hut.
- Hai San seafood at Kopi Indah and A1
- Rezeki Batu Besar
- Batam View Kelong. Posted on Apr 5, 2003, 12:46 AM


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