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No excuse is given for the existence of this private room. This place is dedicated to the posters of message boards, who have over time posted useful tid-bits of information. These tips are consolidated into a quick reference guide. There are no stories here, just quick references about girls in Batam.

UpdateFeb2004 - Massage | UpdateFeb2004 - Girls

In Batam, you find girls from four sources:
1) Pub-freelancers, mostly from the Sugar Pub or Ice Pub (behind the Hotel Mandarin).
2) Booking girls from karoake or massage places (over 30 joints).
3) Disco-freelances in Planet, Sphinx and Ozon.
4) Music lounges such as Tavern, Tampico & Baralang Garden (next to Puri Garden Hotel).

Girls in Batam generally cost from 250-280K1(Street-wise Tip). The prices mentioned are not absolute but depend on a variety of factors such as day and time of booking, 'new' girl or 'standard' or 'left-overs'(poster: Rp250 all night. flat rate, taxi or not. ugly "like a dog's arse" so most likely she will be available.), after mid-night, familarity with the mamsan, taxi commission, etc. The prices quoted are what some posters paid.

Queen 8933: 270k for a booking and Rp100K for a short-time. Tip:There is a security guard at the front. Ask for Capri, who can guide you.

Crown Karoake: Rp270k-280k for a booking.

Dwi Crown at the Peniun Center:

Horison & Persona: (Poster: The short time rooms upstairs are the best in town). Rp120k.

Titanic KTV: Rp250K for a booking. 270k including driver commission.

Mutiara Pub and Lounge: Rp200K - 250k. It is next to Puri Garden Hotel. However, if you are a regular it is only 180k - 200k. Tip:I recommend that you look for `Aris' its bartender. A trustworthy boy, in his early 20's.2(Street-wise Tip).

Bovo KTV and Nite Club: Located in Jodoh, next to kentucky Fried Chicken and behind the Pelangi Hotel. Rp500K to Rp1Million. Chinese mami (speak hokkien/teochiew/english).

Rio Rita Pub and Lounge: Rp280k.

SenSaSi Pub and Lounge: Rp270k. The chinese mami (speak hokkien/teochew)

Hotel Formosa Karaoke.

Golden Star, Maxim (250,000 rupiah/booking), Memory (280,000 rupiah/booking)

Tampico Club at the Novotel hotel or the Tavern Club at the Melia hotel: With any luck you don't have to pay Rp500k. Best time is apparently around midnight.

Dico O-5 in Harmony Hotel. 20- 30 girls, most of them from Medan. You pay to Mami, Rp400K.

Rashinta hotel. 2 Karaoke lounges. The one close to the gym opens at 1:00 pm 20-30 girls at Rp300K.

freelancers at Sphinx, Ozone, Planet should cost between 200k-300k.3(Street-wise Tip)

Sphinx: Rp250k-350k.

Ozone: Rp300k (Thur. is lady's night. Some working gals - not all freelance.

Joints: Dynasty 99, Ali Shan, Berlian, Crowne, , Rio Rita, Memory, Hawaii, Dinasty, Permai, Femina, Maxim's, Hollywood, Mutiara

***Updated information 18 April 2003 ***

Nagoya Fish Tank Update (long) by Hum Sup Loh.
Nagoya Fish Tank Update. On a very quiet Wednesday afternoon, we had a look around a cross section of Nagoya's karoake bars and fish bowls. This is what we found.

1] KOLEKTA DISTRICT This is the area behind Hotel Royal Eastern /Pizza Hut.

DRAGON GIRL -- Our first stop was in the Kolekta area, where we visited a new joint called Dragon Girl, evidentally taken over and remodelled from the old Queen Bee, which the place was called before. Dragon Girl is a branch of Hollywood and just newly opened. Very few ladies yet, so we moved on to have a look at the venerable Lious' Pub (sp?), owned by the same guy who also owns Mutiara and the old Horison (now renamed to Purnama).

Queen Bee was badly run - but the Hollywood people have put a lot of effort into making Dragon Girl renovation look good. Will be worth another visit when they get some girls.

LIOUS PUB Lious Pub and Horison are actually in the Windsor - Sinda Happy pujasera area, but not so far from Kolekta. Anyway, Lious' tank had a very good selection of young ladies from Indramayu (the Lious group speciality), including a couple of very nice young ladies that I remember from Batu Tujuh back in '98. Mami was polite and not pushy. We should have stayed a for a couple of beers and chatted with the girls that took our fancy.

PURNAMA (EX-HORISON) About 15 girls in the showroom. No too bad.

PERSONA ENTERTAINMENT Same owner as Queen 8933 Massage. Nicely remodelled with a stage and dance area downstairs. No more fish tank. A happy looking bunch of girls now sit in the room. Not so many girls as a couple of years ago. A nice room to hang out in.

SOGO 89 KAROAKE - A new joint on the main road near Sindo Happy. We didnt go inside.

2] PURI GARDEN HOTEL AREA MUTIARA: We only visited one fishtank in this area - the Mutiara. Typical koroake layout with fishtank in back of room. A good selection of young ladies to choose from. Nice enough s/t rooms upstairs. Cant tell about the girls as they are stuck int he tnak - you have to bring them out and talk a little first to guage their mood.

3] BEHIND BANK BALI This is the area to the Jodoh side of the Hotel Lai Lai (which is in turn on the Jodoh side of the Hotel Mandarin).
JUNGLE MINDAH PUB A scruffy karoake joint opposite the Lai Lai carpark. Lots of happy cheerful girls. Opening price for a booking (no taxi commission) was a reasonable Rp200,000. Full marks for cheerfulness.

BRITANNIC KAROAKE A new joint called the Britannic opened last week - owned by the same group that owns the Titanic in the Hotel Oasis and the Kedia Kopi Indah. A nice renovation and lots of very sweet waitress girls. But only 3 in the fishtank. Mami promises 20 more are coming from Jawa in a couple of weeks.

SEDONA COUNTRY KAROAKE Another scruffy joint with cheerful girls. Worth a visit.

4] HOTEL HARMONI / MELIA AREA HAWAII KAROAKE - A dark room, hard to see the girls. Rp175k for s/t includes a comfy room. A few nice honeys if you take the time to look.

PP BANANA - This was our last spot. By the time we got here, it was already dark. We have a couple of beers in the new Ethnic Pub (next to Lucy's) then went upstairs to the PP Banana when it opened at 6.30pm. A small selection of bright and happy young women.

5) PELITA AREA If you take the road past the Hotel Puri Garden and turn left to go past Maxim nightclub, you are in the Pelita area. We missed visiting the (usually well stocked) Hotel Pelita Karoake, but managed to visit Sensasi.

HOLLYWOOD is opposite the Hotel Pelita. Posted on Apr 16, 2003, 9:08 AM

What is a typical taxi price from Batu Ampar To Nongsa and from Nagoya to Nongsa?

About Rp50-80k. The distance from Batu Ampar to Nagoya is only 3km.election of women on display. Price is Rp220k no tax commission. The distance from both to Nongsa is about 35km.

BA ferry terminal taxis will ask about Rp80k.` If you bargain with a taxi outside the terminal area, you should be abel to get for rp50k. Posted on Apr 15, 2003, 5:58 AM

Current situation at Batam? by xxx
Are those popular hotel Formosa/Seruni still full on weekend? Freelence price drop or still same as early this year? Thank you.

Freelance prices / Formosa / Seruni hotels by Helpdesk
Yes, freelance prices are just the same as last year: How much? Whatever you and the girl agree upon - typically between rp100k and one million.

Formosa and Seruni hotels are still popular on weekends. Posted on Apr 12, 2003, 8:34 AM

Freelancer Price-Rp100k to Rp 1 million by Stunt
Thats S$20 - S$200, please be more specific. Posted on Apr 14, 2003, 3:15 PM

Correction: Freelance prices actually range from free to Rp5 million by Helpdesk
Free is when the girl lkes yo. 5 million is when she steals your wallet while sleeping.

Most Batam f/l are looking for Rp200-400k. Bargain first. Batam f/l's are not as good a deal as Jakarta.

Batam is a hard place for a f/l girl to survive. Posted on Apr 15, 2003, 1:26 PM

Current Prices of Girls: goto Maxim by KL Seng
Girls at 160,000 Rp to 180,000 Rp for whole night booking dont go Hollywood brothel u will get rig off Taxi Batu Ampar Ferry to city 20,000 Rp Food around 15000-20,000 Rp per person. Posted on Apr 1, 2003, 9:27 AM

Here are some fun places In Batam by Tukta
no need for guide in batam itself as easy to get around. if u want to, u can get the driver to bring u to the clubs. otherwise, just book in to hotel. just 10 ft. next to harmoni hotel is the Hawaii karoake. next to Mandarin is the Mira Baru food center, and next to it is New Orchid 99.

Nagoya Plaza, just cross the street to a side road that connects to another main street. Known as the Siang Malam area. 5-6 clubs with girls galore. No need to pay taxi commission.Booking fee is 220K Rp [no taxi]

If u want more expensive hotels like the threads here, cheaper to use travel agent in s'pore.

PS Cewek Booking Rate Rp220,000 Rp without Taxi Comiision

the one next to Siang Malam hotel also not bad lah ... near Ozone Disco somemore, but do try to stay at SERUNI, link up with Spinx disco, lots of FLs there ... cheap bargain ... free entry somemore if you are hotel quest ... Posted on Apr 6, 2003, 9:17 AM


+++++++++++++++++ Tg. Pinang Corner +++++++++++++++++++

Bintan Batu 24 trip report (long) by Johm

A couple of days ago, I visited Bintan Island and made a trip to the village of joy at Batu Dua Pulu Empat (in English: Kilometer 24). I been here before and find this to be a very safe and friendly village.

The going rate for a taxi, one way from Tanjung Pinang ferry terminal is Rp30-35,000. Others have said that the drivers of the small white station wagon taxis at the jetty are no good, but I have found them all to be okay guys. Just get the taxi to drop you there (in Indonesian "satu kali jalan").

At the village, the going rate is Rp50,000 s/t and Rp200k all night "booking" (sleep in the girl's room). + Rp15k police report money. The village is reasonably clean and well kept. The locals are very friendly. The girls are nearly all from Java. There were some very cute ones among them.

Taxis back to town are easy to find, they cruise looking for business, you may have to wait 10 - 20 minutes fro one to show up. Book a girl for the night, leave your stuff in her room (use a lockable bag). Bring a good book, as there nothing else to do except s/t, drink cold beer and eat local food (3 eating places in the village). It ideal to arrive at about 4pm and leave the next morning.Spend the couple of hours before dark oing a couple of circuits of all the houses and have a joke around with the girls. You will find them to very willing and friendly. All in all, a very very pleasant overnight break. Posted on Apr 5, 2003, 6:19 PM

Royal Palace Hotel by relakappa U may book online which is secure and cheaper Gals may cost from Rp 170,000 at Batu 24 per night Posted on Feb 13, 2003, 8:28 AM

My virgin sexcapade to Tg Pinang by Greenhorse

The ferry ride
Board the ferry from JB, and feckingly it only left the terminal at 5pm, half an hour late than scheduled time. But surprisingly, still manage to reach Tg Pinang by 7pm (6pm local time), a two hours ferry ride. Found out that certain ferry only incur 2 hours ride while others require 2.5 hours.

At the Tg Pinang jetti
Proceed to the immigration clearance and it was smooth. The officer was very friendly and always smiling. Never require to pay any ¡§coffee money¡¨ for a first timer to Tg Pinang like in Tg Balai. One plus point for a good impression on Tg Pinang. Next, the custom and security, no hassle also. Another plus point. While at the jetti, I did not see any tout or ojek drivers hassling the tourists. Well, it may have some but definitely not as aggressive and many as those in Tg Balai. Another good impression.

About Tg Pinang
Once out of the jetti, the ever helpful X is waiting there. They have reserved a room for me at Rainbow Hotel. we board the hotel van.

The hotel
We lodged at this Rainbow hotel, where X has been staying there often. The room rate is S$50 inclusive of breakfast (they have S$40 room but fully booked) per night or approx Rp250k. Do not pay in RM as ****ty conversion rate is given. Very friendly and well-mannered reception staff, and most of them can speak very decent english.

The hotel provides quite a few facility, including swimming pool (too bad if you are thinking of having some ¡§kinky¡¨ activity with your cewek in the pool, as they are not allowed to enter the pool for reason that I dunno), satellite TV, Spa, restaurant and others. The most notable is the free hotel transport for guests, by van or kijang. Just have to tell them the destination and time with some advance notice and they will arrange for you. Same for pick up, tell them the time and place to wait and they will be there. But no waiting though, eg they fetch you for dinner and wait there, it will be considered chargeable. It¡¦s a handy service as you need transport to move around in Tg Pinang.

The room is ok by my standard. TV, mini fridge, bed (KNN, I was given a twin bed room, instead of a queen size bed), a balcony overseeing the pool (what for, no cewek allowed in the pool, what is that to see?), aircond, bathtub in the washroom. For S$50, I think the hotel in hadyai gave better value for money. But this is the standard in tg Pinang.

After a quick shower, we head down to the hotel restaurant that came highly recommended by NF, for dinner. It serve mainly chinese delicacy and I have to agree, the food and price speak for itself. I would have to say, it can gives those ¡§famous¡¨ restaurant in KL a run for their money. Not to mention the attentive and friendly service of the restaurant staff, prompt serving and nice-clean ambience. I was asked to comment on their service by filling up the questionnaires.

The ¡§joints¡¨
Ha, the most important part for the whole trip. It was already 7.30pm after we finished the dinner. Given that it¡¦s Saturday, late at night, and fasting month, X has been trying to manage my expectation on the gals quality and selection quantity.

First, we moved to the two outlets within walking distance from the hotel. Not many gals left and okay quality. Knowing it¡¦s late and there won¡¦t be any more.

I wanted to bring me to Batu 15 and 24, saying it¡¦s like paya labu in Balai. But given the time constraints, spending too much time travelling isn¡¦t wise to do.

Then we headed to Bintang Plaza area by ojek. The ojek ride is only Rp5k (compare to Rp10k in Balai and somemore the average travelling distance is much shorter). Plus the ojek riders do not ride as gungho as those in Balai. Another good impression.

Reached Bintang Plaza. On an usual day, it will have around more than 6 joints. We browsed thru 3 joints and all parades are of so so quality. Thought of heading back to the joint nearby the hotel. While walking to the main road, this tout invited us to see (quite a few joints there, and we won¡¦t know which is still opened for business as the front gate door has to be closed during the fasting month) his joint. And wah la, saw this cute looking gal with the body shape that I like, and her face resemble an ex-colleague of mine. Only concern, she look too young to be bonk. Confirm with mamasan that she is at least above 17 before I booked her. Gal price ranges from Rp150k to Rp250 on average. Was quoted Rp250k but X managed to cut it down as we came with no ¡§taxi¡¨.

The gal
We went poultry farm shopping again the next morning. This time in ¡§Suka Berenang¡¨. Dun ask me why is a place called such name, I have no clue. Get a pretty gal there for ST, but decided to change it into LT as it only costs an incremental of RM30. This gal is okay, but also not too great in terms of on the bed service.

Other entertainment activities
As my time there was short, didn¡¦t manage to explore any other stuff. Further, the disco and karaoke outlets were forced to close during the fasting month.

Overall summary
The gals in Tg Pinang, I found, possess better attitude. Not speaking from just the two gals I booked, but also from my observation of the gals X booked. But the only drawback is most gals do not do BJ, and lots of them are very very young (I mean, even as young as 14 yo).

Posted on Feb 11, 2003, 8:29 AM

+++++++++++++++++++ end T. Pinang ++++++++++++++++++++

Golden pointers for Batam cheongsters by OKT
1. Always go with your good guy friend/friends. Not only because it'll be filled with more 'macho' fun, but it'll be good to have a friend watch your back, comment on whether your chosen girl is actually a 'dog'...etc
2. Change your money in Batam. The rates at the estb money-changers are ALWAYS better than in S'pore.
3. Always hire a driver for the whole trip, rather than take many cabs. Not only will a hired-driver save you time and money, the service is way better than a cab-driver's. I recommend Robbie, who sits inside the small Indah Puri golf office at the Sekupang ferry terminal. I've used his drivers twice (S$40/day) and the cars are large, A/C and comfy, and the drivers are nice guys.
4. Always pick your girls from a ****-shop (as opposed to getting freelancers). Mummies are responsible for the good behaviour of the girls you book, so you can complain to the mummy if anything goes wrong. But who do you call when your freelancer leaves with your wallet while you are in the shower?
5. Take your time to pick the girls at the ****-shops. Don't pick by looks alone. Get the mummy to ask her to sit with you for a while, so that you get to know her a little better before you make your choice. Choose a girl whom you think likes you also, because this is a sure-fire way to great 2-way sex.
6. Treat the girls politely at all times, and chances are, they will be more relaxed and let loose also.
7. Carry all valuables with you all all times (wallet, passport, phone, spare cash), because hotel staff (who earn S$200-300/month) may be tempted. Anyway, can you imagine the hassle having to report your losses at a Batam police station?
8. Don't even think about doing illegal drugs. Getting jailed in S'pore will be the LEAST of your worries if you are 1st busted by Batam police. I don't think that you will even want to send you worst enemies to a Batam jail.
9. Use a condom for ALL sexual activities, including blowjobs. You cannot see that contagious oral-herpes rash she has under her tongue.
10. At all times, use common sense, don't show 'I-got-more-money-than-you' attitude to anyone, smile and take it easy. It's a holiday afterall. Posted on Apr 3, 2003, 4:48 PM

Here is a useful travel-to-Batam FAQ by Surfer found at Batam FAQ Courtesy of Quint7 and the Gang

There're as much as 6 or 7 ferry terminals in Batam but the 2 that will lead you to the action is Batu Ampar and Sekupang. Ferries depart dailyfrom World Trade Centre and journey takes about 45-60min for both. Most prefer B.Ampar becus of shorter travelling time( 5-8min ) to Nagoya town where all the action are compare to Sekupang ( 20-25min to town ).

But if u just miss the ferry & don't wanna wait another hour or wanna less crowded ferry & terminal, u can take the one leaving for Sekupang about 20-30min later. At WTC u can purchase a 2 ways ticket inclusive of seaport tax btw $20 - $26 just half an hour before departure, give yourself an hour if you're looking for a hotel/ferry package provided by the many tour agency here. Dino & Penguin are the prefer ferry operator here, we each bought a Penguin ticket($26) for the 11:15am ferry, later found there is another counter sellin at $23, dunno why.

Schedule of Penguin Ferry SG to B.Ampar ( sg time ) 0735/0850/0930/1015/1115/1250/1350/1450/1555/1655/1745/1825/1850/1925/ 2000/2045/2130

B.Ampar to SG ( Batam time ; sg:11:15am = btm:10:15am ) 0650/0740/0910/1045/1140/1240/1345/1420/1545/1615/1710/1750/1840/1910/ 2010/2050/2130

here're some reasonable ferry/hotel package provide by Penguin:

novotel/harmoni - $98

melia/mandarin - $95

royal/oasis - $85 extension nite : $50-$65 ask for a few dollars discount if you don't intend to use their bus for pier to hotel transportation. these are usually available even at last min on a busy Sat, becus most people will not opt for 4-5 stars hotel. I've tried melia, cool ! but 1 plate of nasi goreng cost Rp35K !!!

Here're some 3 stars hotel info provided on courtesy of Bionic :

Singa : 0778 - 451919 ( $35 - $40 ) 2000 : 0778 - 428483 ( $36 - $48 )

Rashinta : 0778-455888 ( $40 - $50 ) hotel rates are usually cheaper in weekday. I choose Singa for this trip to cut some cost since we're letting the driver get some commission off our gals, but it surprise me as a pretty decent hotel. swimming pool, bathtub, fridge, big room with a blockbuster movie channel round the clock and a Jap AV channel. I rate it slightly better than our usual Hotel Pelangi at TP. It's better to book a hotel in advance for weekend if you don't want to pay for a 4-5 stars hotel, otherwise in weekday u can always walk in, lotsa hotels & rooms, no problem at all.

I choose to use a driver this time becus there're 3 of us plus gals total 6, so don't think we wanna take those 4 seater taxis that stink ! furthurmore we intend to check out a few places, so wanna skip the usual "taxi ride to nearby hotel, go in take a pee & wait for taxi driver to disappear" stuff. Bionic recommend Osman ( hp : 08127005498 ), a malay chap that speak good english ! Overall we find his service good, his handphone always on to standby for us to call him should we run into any trouble, and he is very punctual ! We arrive at B.Ampar around 11:15am indo time and spotted him rite away, how smart for him to put on a bright red shirt holding a banner with my name written clearly on it. For first timer or people who are not familiar with Batam, i strongly suggest u took one recommend by a friend, not just anyone from the arrival hall. If you're in a group, better still since you're giving him more commission to earn, just gave him anything and he will also accept. For my practice, how much to tip him depends on how much we use him & how much commission we let him earn . If just pier-gal-hotel, hotel-pier, he will also accept nottin for a group of 4 will already earn him 200K in gals' commission. But if you had him stay with you late into the nite for disco/pubbing, be a bit generous lah. Be warn that some driver will also get comission from the money changer, restaurant, pub etc he bring you too. I find most people choose not to use one, I respect their decision. Everyone spend their time there differently, so long u know how to get around safely, do what pleases you most. We're glad to have one this time as it rain heavily while we hop from joint to joint lookin for our gals.

Those 4-5 stars hotel cum ferry package usually provide free pick-up from pier with bus. If you don't like to share a vehicle with others, ask them to send a driver to pick u up. They are usually in uniform and can be easily recognise, they will also not pester you to pick a gal or go anywhere u don't want to. But the hotel will charge you about Rp20K for pick-up at B.Ampar & Rp30K for Sekupang. There will be a lot of driver trying to pick you up outside the arrival hall, advice is don't choose from these, chances are you'll be press to choose a gal from joint that pay them higher commission or get rob. Walk outside & took a taxi to your hotel if you must. Be warn that some 3 stars or below hotel do not have their vehicle & so might just ask a taxi off the street to pick you up. The lau-jiao will usually book a hotel close to their favorite joint, so that after checking into the hotel, they can just walk to the joint to pick up a gal at Rp50K price lower. Or take a taxi to a nearby hotel close to the joint, then walk in after the taxi disappear. I've done these too but if you're in the mood to go hunting from joint to joint, i'll either take a personal driver or one provided by the hotel. Getting around is pretty easy if u don't have a personal driver. taxis are available everywhere, walk outta the hotel & you can flag down one anytime. Travel anywhere within the town & to B.Ampar pier should cost u no more than Rp10K, ask the price first. You can also try bargaining hard to pay 5K if this is your cup of tea.

We check into the hotel first then went for lunch since most joint only open after 11/12noon indo time. We also do some shopping for necessities like condom/drinks/ciggi before we start our hunt at around 1pm. Here's the joint we checked out : 1) Sensasi ( i picked my gal #63 for Rp270K, saw a few chio one around but were all reserve, also saw a young pretty chinese lookalike that i might wanna try on next trip, #20 and same price, mamasan said only arrive 4 days ago so dunno service good anot ) 2) Legenda ( very dark , difficult to choose gal ) 3 ) Crown ( hornyman pick his gal here at Rp260K ) 4 ) Bovo ( classy place but ave gal is only so-so looking, the price here all **** up, good looker goin for Rp360, one PR goin for 800K, **** gold better ) 5 ) Titanic ( GreyK finally picked his gal #169 for Rp250K here ) we actually took 2 hours for gals sight-seeing, no real stunner encounter, maybe next trip we should start like this : Orkid , Queen , Dynasty, Alisan .... Most joint are equip with ktv facility so u can actually ask a gal to sit with ya, tok cock, sing a song before u decide to book her but drinks are not cheap. Typical price for a gal's booking range from Rp250K - Rp280K ( with commission ). MISC INFO The Nagoya downtown area is very compact, if I stay in an hotel there, usually I'll walk outta the hotel to get cheap food/drinks/snacks etc. Lotsa local eating place around, just avoid side alley & be streetwise. A few eating place popular with s'porean are : A1 , Oki , Oke : like our newton circle hawker centre, I like it here. A meal of fish,prawn,veggi and tahu for 7 person cost only Rp145K plus another Rp50K for drinks. Golden Prawn : a live seafood restaurant by the river, kelong style. Batam Kuring : indonesian restaurant, cheap ! over dinner at A1, we discuss what to do next, the gal as usual suggest goin to disco like planet/ozone to pop some pills. But we're all thinking of arranging for a short time for tomolo morning before we went back, later give up the idea as most gals will only be back quite late so too rush. Finally we went to Sensasi ktv as recommend by my gal, there'r some singer there to kept u entertain until later at nite where a fat guy & a sexy gal put up a dance show, stuff 10K into an Ang-Pao & flash it, the gal will come & lap u up before u slide it into her crotch. Total bill for the ktv session come up to Rp270K.

There're ticket counters inside B.Ampar & Sekupang ferry terminals so you can always confirm at last min, just be there 30min before departure, there's a ferry leaving almost every hour. Your return ticket should be able to last 30 days and is usable at both B.Ampar & Sekupang ( some said Waterfront city also can ). I prefer to goto Sekupang if I'm coming back on sunday to avoid the weekend crowd at B.Ampar, Rp15K is enuff for you to take a taxi from town to Sekupang.

There're many variable cost here, it all depends on how you wanna spend your money, like other riau islands, $200 should be enuff for most. here's my spending for this trip with exchange rate at $1 = Rp5K : ferry : $26 ( penguin ) hotel : $35 ( weekday rate at singa ) gal : $54 + $20 ( Rp270K + Rp100K tips with driver commission ) lunch : $ 4 ( Rp20K - bah kue teh at coffeeshop ) snack : $10 ( Rp50K - room service in hotel ) dinner: $14 ( Rp70K - seafood at A1 ) ktv : $20 ( Rp90K + Rp10K tips ) super : $ 5 ( Rp25K - room service in hotel ) driver: $14 ( Rp70K - tips ) ciggi : $ 4 ( Rp20K for 4 packs of luckies ) condom: $ 4 ( Rp20K for a pack of 12s ) drinks: $ 4 ( Rp20K - bought in supermarket )

TOTAL : $214 Posted on Mar 9, 2003, 2:08 PM

Plenty of small Mom and Pop hotels in Nagoya by Anonymous
Plenty of small Mom and Pop hotels in Nagoya (dozens), but none are expat owned. Many are new and clean and cheap (only Sin$20-30)

Cheap rates at Melia getting harder to find coz occupancy is high. Jansen's rate of $75 is hard to beat. Try Penguin or Channel Holidays counter in Sing WTC 2nd floor. Posted on Mar 9, 2003, 7:41 AM



Street-wise Tip

1 If you go with a taxi-driver to any karaoke joint, the price is 270k to 300k. Taxi-driver will get 50k. If you walkin without them , you can ask for discount - maybe 200k to 230k.

2Trying slipping a waiter in a disco Rp10k and tell him you are looking for "cewek electronic" (i.e. factory girls). But you will never be sure if she really works in a factory.

3 Customers often get robbed by freelancers, so booking girls from known establisments are safer because it is easier to trace them - they are therefore less likely to steal from customers. However, if you have booked a freelancer, be sure to lock all valuables in the hotel's safe at the reception - if there is nothing valuable in the room, there is nothing to steal!

Jungle Bar(just opposite the Lucy's) has a room for s/t upstairs. The s/t may cost Rp100,000 to Rp150,000(depends on how you bargain). No mummy, deal with girls yourself. Short time charge is inclusive of room fee.

Have some beer in Lucky Plaza bowling center. Freelances like to hang around the bowling center. Quite a "good view" while having beer there. A lot of them hang around playing video games, pool, bowling or just simply sitting there having drinks. Best time to catch most of them would be, 1st Shift from 1700 to 1900 WIB, 1st Shift will go home to get themselves prepared for the disco action “business”. 2nd Shift starts from 2000 to 2300WIB, after that they will hit straight to start their business in the discos. Some even got booked there in the Bowling Center. Note: Thurs, Fri and Sat, double amount of chicks for each shifts.

Discotheques opened about 10 pm and one discotheque employee suggested, a good time to visit was 11 pm. Entrance fee was 20,000 rupiah which included one beer.

Dumai have a few brothel including the Buang sampah (bs) or popularly known as kampung pisang (Banana village)...the vice activities is not to open (in fact, if u a chinese...its advice not to go there)

Tipping the girls 50K if the service has been good, otherwise 30K. If she is a bitch, send her back and make the mamasan deliver another one, of course you have to pay another 100K, for the exchange, even if you have not bonked her.

Ozone: At 12am-1am, there will be hot dancing girls show and you can see hot babes in bikinis dancing on the stage you may touch her if you have 5,000 rupiah to spare.




Massages Corner
Ginza Massage at Harmoni Hotel: Good facility, Has Sauna, cool pool, jacuzzi pool, TV room and clean massage rooms. Cost 66,000 rupiah/45 mins massage, Foot relexogy for additional 44,000 and you may use the facilities all day FOC.
Great Eastern Hotel. Cost about 90k for a 90 minutes massage.
Formosa 60k for 2hrs.
Nagoya Plaza Hotel. Rp60K/hr if you want true Indonesian Traditional Message.

Sexy show in Sphinx disco, but only in private KTV rooms and special arrangement by the management. Rp.300-500K per dancer per 30 minutes show.

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Where is Sawadeeka massage? by bobby Does anyone know how to get to Sawadeeka massage. It is said to be near Penuin, but I dont know where is Penuin. Thanks bros. This message has been edited by batam-nightlife on Apr 12, 2003 5:19 AM Posted on Apr 5, 2003, 7:03 PM

Re: Sawadeeka by JimmyBoy
Its juz opposite Puri Garden. Tat place provide good massage. Worth paying a visit there. Posted on Apr 6, 2003, 4:34 AM

sawadeeka by rage
your sawadeeka isn't the same as mine which is at Jodoh opposite Hotel Indah and DwiCrown Karaoke behind tops. Posted on Apr 7, 2003, 11:18 AM

Sawadeka by Irecks
Sawadeka massage,Top 100 Mall complexs,left side,in front of Top100Mall's 2nd door. Posted on Apr 10, 2003, 7:50 PM



Balai Corner
Of the 3 islands of Batam, Balai and Tg Pinang, Balai is extremely popular with the Malaysian because of its relatively short distance from Johore. It is just like WTC to Batam for them.

Another reason why Balai is so popular with both Singaporean and Malaysian alike is the fact that all the joints are located in one area, Puakang.

There is not less than 60 joints where you can choose the gals to your heart content and it is just popping in and out of the joints, next to each other or opposite each. From the jetty to the area Puakang marked with red big cross is only a 30 mins walk if one is adventurous enough or one can take the ojek for 5K Rp or jump into the blue bus for 750 Rp.

+++++++++++++++++ Tg. Balai -- 18 April 2003+++++++++++++++++++

98th Memory Pub. All visitor to Tg Balai are adviced to be careful when dealing with this joint. The price of the gals are marked up to Rp300,000 during the weekend. Normal price of gals from other joints range from Rp130,000 to Rp180,000 (without driver commission) They even go to the extend that they will tell you that some of the gals are virgin and charge Rp500,000 for booking. Hello! OKT friend... I have been to that joint so many times as I have my regular girl from there and I have seen these so called "Virgin" for a few month ago.... They telling me that they are still virgin after being in Tg Balai for at least 2 months? Well, up to all of you to judge whether you can trust this joint. You have been warned! Posted on Mar 30, 2003, 11:33 PM

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