Welcome! to the amazing world of the Internet. This page is dedicated to 1) revelers with entertainment, food and drinks on their minds, 2) those wanting to touch-base with the simplicity of Indonesian life, 3)and short-trippers wanting to frolick in Bintan or dive in the tropical water.
Sea routes to Riau
Java Bali and Lombok Riau Islands Sumatra Off the Beaten Track


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Hotels in Batam (for Ferry times, see Girls)
Some like it, and some don't. Posters' say on hotels in Batam and the walk-in room rates.
Hotels in less traveled parts of Indonesia
Map of Lingga Islands
Names of islands behind behind Batam.
Batam Centre | Ferry Routes 2004
Ferry now terminates at Batam Centre
Hotels and Ferry Times - Tanjong Pinang
Credits to 69Sniper for the list. I have taken the liberty of formatting to web-based.
Forum on Batam
An indomitable forum patronized by residents of Singapore (Singaporeans and expats alike) where sex is foremost in most minds. It is TGIF as many expats and Singaporeans make the pilgrimage to sex and drinks. It is the place to muse the workings of the posters where their sex patterns are often laid bare - under the cloak of anonymity.
SammyBoy forum
Food in Batam
Batam Nagoya's food information is taken off Batam Nightlife forum contributors.