Tg Pinang (TP) Guide & FAQ V.0301. MAR 2001 by 69Sniper

Authors Notes: At the time of posting, there was no unrest at Tg Pinang. The author last visited TP on 24th to 26 Feb.

The author has no personal nor commercial interest in any of the 'preferred choice' and is merely recommending his personal choice.

Via Ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT)
From SG to TP Week Days Sat. Sun & Public Holidays
Penguin Fast Ferry 0910 1310 1640 1810 0910 1110 1310 1640 1810
Dino Shipping 0900 1330 1745   0930 1410 1745    
Berlian Ferries 1025 1600              
Indo Falcon 1020 1425 1855            

Ferry from TP to SG All time in Indo local time ( TP local time 1 hr behind SG time)
From TP to SG Week Days Sat. Sun & Public Holidays
Penguin Fast Ferry 0710 1010 1410 1820 0710 1010 1310 1500 1820
Dino Shipping 1000 1430 1840   1040 1520 1830    
Berlian Ferries 1200 1700              
Indo Falcon 0715 1130 1520            

Author notes about the ferry. Ferry journey to TP is on the average approx 1 hour 50 mins from TMFT. However, Indo Falcon can do it in approx 1 hour 20 mins if you can bear with the smaller boat and a choppy ride. Being a smaller fast boat, it takes the short cut through the island when approaching the TP jetty. Other ferry had to approach TP toward the right of the island, slow down and swing left toward the jetty. Preferred Ferry : Penguin Not only because Penguin serve free coffee and tea onboard but their schedule is more reliable. And the lastest good news is that Penguin ferry service is providing complimentary transport from TMFT to Bedok interchange. You need to ask the crew(coffee counter) for the coupons upon your return trip. So far not many people is aware of it. The tranpsort will be located at the 'Arrival' hall. Hope that this info may be useful to you. U may have a question with regards to whether the we can board the transport at Bedok Interchange for the journey to TMFT. Sorry brudders, no info on this. Ferry - Local Contact TMFT Penguin (65) 542-7105 Dino (65) 276-9722 Indo Falcon (65) 2783167 Berlian (65) 5468830

Q: What is the cost of the ferry ticket
A: Ranges from S$30 (Indo Falcon) to S$38 (Dino) for the return ticket.

Q: Where is Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
A: After the SAFRA Resort, turn right on the traffic light.

Q: How to go to TMFT by public transport
A: Take the MRT to Tanah Merah station and take SBS service Nos 35 or take service Nos 35 for Bedok Bus Interchange. For those who is driving there, whole day parking is S$4.00 per day. Auto parking system.

Q: Where to exchange rupiah
A: Generally, the rate is better in TG Pinang than in SG. Rate at TP's hotel is slightly lower. Example if the hotel rate is 4500, you can expect to get 4600 in town. One known place is Bintang Indah. Most hotel drivers know where it is. Current rate at time of posting is approx S$1 = 5430

Street-wise Tip
Q: Where do you arrange for the driver in TP and how much do they charge?
A: Most hotels would send their driver to meet you at the jetty. Most hotel driver are in uniform with name tag and carry the hotel signboard. Dont be con by 'driver' claiming to be from the hotel with the hotel namecard! The hotel driver knows where are the places where you can book the gal. The driver would gladly detour to these places before sending you to the hotel as they get commission from these places. Most hotels also have FOC shuttle services to town if you fancy some shopping or go out for lunch or dinner. They will drop you at your destination and once you are ready to go back to the hotel, you have to call the hotel and they the vehicle. This is also applicable if you go to the disco. Handphone cums in handy in this case. Other than these i dont think you really need a driver. However they do charge about S$6 per hour if you intend to go any places and have the driver and vehicle with you all the time. NEVER, NEVER AND NEVER SELECT A DRIVER THAT IS HANGING AROUND AFTER THE IMMIGRATION AREA, ALONG THE JETTY AND AT THE GATE AFTER THE JETTY!

Hotels and Telephones
Asean Hotel 22161 Bintan Island Indah 21946 Bintang Beach Resort 23661 Garden Hotel 22344 Kartika Hotel 22446
New City Hotel 24365 Paradise Hotel 24213 Pinang Island Hotel 21307 Riau Holiday Inn 22573 Royale Palace Hotel 27555
Sempurna Jaya Hotel 21555 Shangri-La Hotel 22202 Sunset Hotel 24221 Surya Hotel 21811 Tanjung Pinang Hotel 21236
Wisata Hotel 21488        

Q: Is there any Chinese gals in TP?
A: Typical answer will be NO. Although we do come across some during our outing, we do not recommend you come especially to TP looking for Chinese gals only. The ratio is like 1:300

Q: How much should I bring if I just want to stay 1 night?
A: Hotel -S$25 to S$40 / Ferry - S$35 / Gal -S$35 to S$40 + $20 tips (optional) Transport - $10 / Meals: $30 - $60 (depends on what & where to eat) / disco/ktv - $10-30 (optional) bare min is S$155. S$250 and you are like an emperor in TP.

Q: Good Hotel & Contact Nos
Rainbow Hotel 011-771-21982 ( Promotion - 50% off every third night and free room on every ninth visit ) Sentral Hotel 011-771-312000

Q: Where to find girls
A: These are few of my favourite joints, to each his own, read it with a pinch of salt but if you cant find any suitable gals in these few joints, take the next ferry back Should also check 24th miles and 16th miles but suggest you wear double protection for gals there as they do short time business with the local guys where else "town" gal who do short-time only do it at a hotel and at RP100K. Their counterpart at 24 & 15 miles do it for RP30K Bintang Plaza Salon Puteri at Bintang Plaza , others in this area worth visiting is Sunflower, two doors away from Puteri. Entrance to this joint at the back. Salon Puteri Dua (2) is located at the coffee shop beside Sentral Hotel. Furama Most gals is 'trained' to perform BBBJ Harmony New Managment - Wide range of selection. Garden Hotel Last choice location ? KTV directly opposite Rainbow Hotel Some pricey gals here

Street-wise Tip
Q: How much tips to give to the gals?
Tips is something personal and to each his own. Generally, Rp50K to Rp 60K

Q: What is there to do besides fucking the gals?
A: Free & easy, you can play daidee (card game), mahjong, table pool, swimming, table tennis, tennis, and fishing, eat n sleep. (Swimming pool at Rainbow and Royal Palace only)

Q: I don't speak much Malay or not at all, is that a problem?
A: Quite a problem but then there is this thing call sign language It also depends on what are you looking for with the gals, but if you can speaks a bit of Malay, it will definitely be an added advantage. Most gals here do not understand English; only some might be able to speak a few words in the local Hokkien or English

Q: Can I bring a gal from TP back to Spore?
Possible. There is known cases that some Singaporean had brought the gal back from TP for a short visit, get married etc. But be forewarned, there is also known cases that the Singapore Immigration department had denied entry to gals from TP and the gal had to return on the next ferry or detain overnight for the next morning ferry. If you are seriously contemplating bringing a gal from TP for whatever reason, make sure she has at least S$1000 in her wallet. If you are into marriage, ask and appeal to the Immigration Officer. You are likely to get a three days visa for you to extend at the Immigration HQ. You would likely to get 7 to 14 days extension.

Street-wise Tip
Q How safe is TG Pinang SECURITY ADVISE
My only advise is that no matter how regular or frequent visitor you are to these paradise islands is BE CAREFUL OF YOUR MONEY. Remember that average income of the locals is approx S$60 -S$80 per month and that your S$ is "gold" to them. S$300 gets them a million rupiah. It may be nothing to you, but S$300 will get them a million rupiah and it is hell allot to them. So... 1) Don't flash your money, rupiah or S$ around. 2) Separate your rupiah into few 'bundles' instead of taking out the whole bundle when paying your bills in restaurant, disco, shops etc 3) Always keep your spare and extra S$ with the hotel reception/safe box. 4) Do not expose your hand phone, example by clipping on your belt. Your hand phone can get them a million rupiah minimum and there are known cases of Sporean being robbed just for the phone. 5) NEVER, NEVER, NEVER AND NEVER, utilize the service of any taxi driver/guide from the jetty. If you do not have any driver, please ask the hotel driver to pick you up. 6) Try to go with some regulars if you had not been to TP before. 7) Common Sense - If for example, you intend to go to TP for the first time and on your own, you wouldn't want to choose the last ferry to TP do you? 8) At night, no harm to put your money inside the pillow when the gal is not around or in the toilet. Don't take it for granted. Disco Club 5 near Bintang Plaza Garden Hotel There is also a brothel right at the back of the hotel. In the evening, most of these gals would be at the disco. Jumbo Dont quite like this disco personally as it is too dark and quite a lot of drug taking activities. For better dressed gal, I would suggest Ali Baba disco. Batam/Tg Pinang Forum;