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Welcome! to the amazing world of the Internet. This page gives quick links to the web-sites' direct pages. The information links given here are modelled after my own interests. I hope it provides relevant information to other busy bees who don't have the time to flip through pages of any book - that probably would be out-dated anyway!

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Java Bali and Lombok Riau Islands Myanmar Thailand
13,000 islands & the largest archipelago - Indonesia

Provinces and Capitals | map
The country has 27 provinces. 5 provinces in Java, ie, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Jakarta & Jogyakarta (special status equal to provinces)
Timeline(1500-2001) | Country Studies(1992) | UTexas maps

Living in Jakarta
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    Expat Newsletter
    Drinkers Corner
    Expat Newsletter2

picture of girl CIA Factsheet Resource 4 businessmen
Coat of Arms | Political Flags | Airline embassy emergengy | Street Maps | Public Holidays
News:Country situation | Plate Tectonics

The Pits

Medical Dictionary
Medical Lexicon
msnWorld/USA News
Asia News
SEA News
dickhead seamy side of life-Sammyboy Geylang map of Geylang | seamy side of life-Batam Nightlife | seamy side of life-Bangkok | pissed?-TalkingCock | frustrated?-IceRed forums | Bold?-thinkcentre Potpouri of political news | VoidDeck | PAP supporter?-SG forum | Sammyboy forum
JAVA (Jakarta, Bandung, Borobudur, Jogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya)

Jakarta to Bandung (includ. train timetable up to Solo)
Jakarta to Bogor, Puncak, Cipanas
In and around Yogya

Street Wise Tip
Living in Indonesia
Information from expats'viewpoints.
Hotels are divided into 'youth hotels', 'Melati I, Melati II', 'Guest Houses' and 'star'.
Hotels Legend:
• Hotel names.
§ telephone listed.
§§ Address and telephone listed.
¶ Address, telephone and hyperlink listed.

Jakarta • 80 hotels. Melatis to 5-stars.
Jakarta ¶ Batamindo hotel list.
All cities and towns ¶ Assc. of Hotels in Indonesia.
Bandung §
Bandung § §
Hotels ¶ REVIEWS-budget to 5-stars.
Hotels ¶ use search function to ck prices.
Jakarta Travel Agents

(Central Java) §§ Over 100 hotels/melatis in main towns of Yogyakarta, Solo (Surakarta), Semarang as well as the smaller villages around the 'triangle' (Mt. Merapi, an active volcano, is in the center of the triangle).
Central Java
§§ Over 72 hotels stretching from Tegal along the coast of Java Sea to Semarang, to the middle of central Java town of Solo, to the town of Cilacap along the coast of Indian Ocean.
Surabaya §§ Hotels with facilities description.

Rokok Kretek, Culture & Tradition
Clove Cigarettes
Ever wondered about the distinct rokok kretek that is unique to Indonesia?
Kretek Website 1 | Kretek Website 2
for the Kretek, I meant Connoisseur.
Special Interests - Culture & Traditions
"The golden triangle" - speaks of Jogyakarta, Solo and Semarang region's culture and traditions. Know about Gamelan, Keronchong, Wayang Kulit, Meaning of Batik's Motif.

cock with cigarMy

cigar history | cigar photo match | brand pronunciation | factory codes | band history | band index | Photos of wrapper colors | origin of leaves used | structure

So...right way to smoke?

West Java (Jawa Barat)

Central Java (Jawa Tengah)
Solo's "Bangawan Solo"

East Java (Jawa Timur)

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